How Do Online Games Make Money?


Micro-transactions are a way for game developers to generate money from their online games. They were originally introduced in 2002 in China, a country with a history of rampant video game piracy. To address the problem, Chinese game developers created “free-to-play” online games that allow users to play for free and monetize later with micro-transactions. These games were a huge hit, and the concept spread to other countries.

Micro-transactions are common in many games. For instance, in League of Legends (LOL), players can buy Riot Points to unlock certain characters. While unlocking a character normally requires hours of play, micro-transactions offer an incentive for players to complete their character as quickly as possible.

Farming out characters

The practice of farming out characters in online games can help you earn extra money. Farmers offer to take on weak game characters and power level them up for buyers. This process costs around $150 and allows farmers to earn more money. They can also be hired as escorts to help players progress through the game.


Streaming is a great way to make money with your poker online gaming hobby. Streaming services such as Twitch will pay you a flat rate for each view of your video. This amount may vary, depending on the brand and your viewership. Some streaming platforms will also allow you to include advertisements during your streams. This can be in the form of text ads, images, or video ads. This can be a good way to make money with streaming, but be aware of the terms and guidelines before signing up for a streaming service.

To earn money streaming your video games, you need to attract a large audience. Once you have a large following, you can contact potential sponsors and ask for sponsorship deals. Be sure to create interesting content that would be worth paying for. You can also sell virtual tickets through StreamTick, which is a dedicated ticket service for live streaming events. StreamTick also allows you to stream your live events on Facebook and YouTube, making it easy to sell tickets to your live events.

Writing guides

If you’re a gamer, there are plenty of ways to make money writing guides for popular online games. You can use YouTube videos, podcasts, and ads to monetize your content. You can also sell your guides on marketplaces such as Killer Guides. Depending on the game, you can even sell them as eBooks!

Game guides are very popular, especially for newcomers. You can monetize your guides by publishing them on YouTube, selling them as an ebook, or by getting ads or donations. Your eBooks will also earn you revenue.