Freestyle Soccer: Confused about Where to Begin?

Let’s begin with a simple question: What is freestyle soccer? Freestyle soccer simply refers to the ability to combine different soccer moves in juggling or ground moves. This is a new style in soccer, along with other types such as five-a-side futsal or beach soccer. Freestyle is less important in a soccer context. Freestyle soccer can improve a player’s control of the ball.

Ball control is what I consider the most important aspect of soccer, ahead of other attributes such as fitness and tactics. It is said that you can control your ball and control the game. In fact, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Inter Milan’s player, said that as long you have the ball, the advantage will be yours. The importance of freestyle soccer is still overlooked by most footballers. It is because livescore soccer tricks are hard to master and bring less value to modern football. It’s true, but let us not forget about ball control. Freestyle learning allows players to improve their touches, especially the first. You can get an edge over your opponents by having a great first touch.

These seconds can make all the difference in the game, especially in modern soccer where speed and fury are essential. They don’t bother to do it at all. The ones who enjoy freestyle soccer see it as something they can express themselves and improve their ball control and touch. However, I am more concerned about those who don’t know anything and have no interest in freestyle soccer. After watching freestyle videos on YouTube, the problem is that they might not know where to start. I assume they have only seen the more difficult tricks, and are not aware of the basics of freestyle soccer. Freestyle soccer should start with basic skills like juggling, planting, and then move on to more advanced tricks such as the around-the-world, crossover, flip flap, and other. This is important because juggling is the basis of all forms of ball control, including dribbling. Since juggling is related to freestyle soccer, I will focus on it in this instance.

Juggling with the ball

This is done simply by doing kick-ups and not letting the ball touch the ground. The ball can then be expanded to other parts of your body, such as the foot, thigh and shoulder. Your juggling skills should be linked from one area to another. Transfer your juggling skills from one part to the other, such as from your foot to your thigh. Start with a simple transfer, then move on to more complex transfers such as juggling from your foot to your thigh and then to your head. After mastering juggling, it’s possible to plant or stall a soccer ball.

Planting the ball

You must be able to balance the ball on one part of your body, such as your foot. Start by placing the ball on the foot. Once you have mastered this skill, you can place the ball in your juggling. You can do this by juggling with your foot, then transfer it to your thigh and balance it with the foot. foot plant. These two skills will give you confidence to learn basic freestyle soccer tricks. Your coordination skills will improve if you are able to juggle and plant, especially if you practice your linking or transferring skills. This trick is the foundation of all soccer tricks. This trick will allow you to master other difficult tricks such as the TATW, crossover, MATW and more. To complete the trick, simply rotate your foot around and kick the ball as you go.