Best Tips to Optimize Your Ecommerce Website and Increase Conversion

Optimizing your eCommerce site can boost traffic and increase conversion. Conversion means getting the outcome that you are after. Some examples are creating sales, filling up forms, signing up for the newsletter, sharing content, and downloading a file or app. The average conversion rate of a site is 2%, which means that in every 100 visitors, 2 of them are more likely to convert. However, there are ways to increase your conversion rate, and part of it is optimizing your site content. Below are tips on how to do that.

Post reviews on your site

Visitors will feel more confident in purchasing your products or signing up for a newsletter if they see positive reviews from your previous clients. Add them on your homepage since it’s the first page they will see when they visit your eCommerce site. If you did business with other companies, add their logos too, as it will immediately catch the attention of visitors. You may also create another page dedicated to customer feedback, so users can read more of them. 

Remove unnecessary items on the pages

Too much information and objects on the page can look chaotic and busy. It could take the eyes of the viewers all over the place. You might fail to lead them to the vital areas of the pages, and it may be difficult for them to find what they are looking for. Keep it simple, and eliminate distractions. Review your pages and remove unnecessary parts so users can focus on what’s important. 

Optimize your eCommerce pages

Make every page organized, so it will be convenient for users to navigate them. Be sure that they have the content that users will be looking for. For example, since your homepage is the main page of your eCommerce site, it should have the chief information that you want users to know immediately, such as discounts or products on sale. The products page should contain your items. Include filters or a search function to make it easier for customers to find the specific item they are looking for. An eCommerce optimization agency can help optimize the pages of your eCommerce site. 

Create quality landing pages

When clients click on your ads, instead of being directed to your homepage, redirect them to a landing page that is specific to an ad. For example, if the ad is about getting a discount for a product, the landing page should let them purchase that product at a discounted price promised. It should contain the information they expect, or it could hurt your conversion. A company specializing in search engine optimization services can help with the creation of your landing pages. 

Make conversion easy

Besides creating landing pages specific to the ads, find ways to make the conversion as simple as possible for your visitors. For example, keep your form short. Clients may not want to fill up a form if it’s too long. Remove unnecessary fields, and only keep the important ones for the convenience of the customers. 

Include chat support

Clients may have questions that they want an immediate answer to before deciding to convert. Adding chat support on your site will let them get connected to your customer service and get the answers they need right away.

To conclude

Getting more traffic to your site is the first step in increasing your conversion. However, that doesn’t stop there. You need to optimize it and make the process as easy as possible for the clients to convert.